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Temporary Bridge Construction Services

Free Span Bridge offers design, removal and installation of temporary bridges for all types of situations. We provide basic timber bridges all the way to highway rated steel panel bridges for better access over drainage ditches, wetlands, waterways and streams.

  • Temporary Heavy Equipment Bridges
  • Temporary Road Bridges
  • Small Temporary Vehicle Bridges
  • Large Temporary Vehicle Bridges
  • Temporary Pedestrian Bridges
  • Prefabricated Bridges
  • Truss/Panel Bridges
  • Temporary Construction Bridges
  • Emergency Bridges
  • Site Access Bridges

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What Type Of Temporary Bridge Design Do I Need?

We know that 1 bridge will not work for every application and that’s why our temporary bridge designers can work with you to determine the type of bridge that would work best for your specific application, conditions, load requirements, traffic patterns, schedules and budget. Once we figure out what type of bridge system will work best we will take care of the rest including transporting, loading, offloading, installation and the removal once your project is complete.

Why Use a Temporary Bridge VS. Detouring Traffic?

When storms and other disasters hit, creating new access can be a challenge. You have the choice of either closing the road, detouring the traffic or a temporary bridge. In most cases, a temporary bridge is actually the best alternative.

Detours and road closures are a normal part of road construction but getting a more sound solution in place that improves safety is the most important.

Construction worker safety is also a concern while detours and lane closures are in place. Motorist are used to their normal routes and not all obey traffic signs. This can create an unsafe situation where a temporary bridge could remove these risks.

A Temporary Bridge Is The Solution!

Free Span’s temporary bridges can keep the traffic flowing, eliminating the need for lane closures and detours. Our temporary bridges are perfect for emergency bridge replacement in some situations and can be built in as little as a few days with minimal equipment and crews. Our bridges are very versatile and can handle small country roads all the way up to multiple lanes of high volume traffic

Prefabricated Bridge Construction

Prefabricated bridges have been the #1 choice for many transportation authorities, municipalities, universities, light rail companies, developers, golf courses for many years.

  • Ideal for canal crossings, stream crossings, small bodies of water and shallow utilities
  • Comes pre-asesembled in only a few parts and can be assembled in hours
  • Constructed of steel and wood
  • Can be constructed up to 50 ft spans
  • Less expensive then truss bridges

Custom Bridge Construction

From expansive enclosed urban pedways to small trail bridges, we can construct prefabricated bridge solutions for almost any application, including light and road rail crossings, stream crossings, highway overpasses and more.

Different Types Of Bridges

Our prefabricated bridges are available in a variety of styles such as modified bowstring, bowstring, H-section floor beam and underhung to name a few.

Bridge Design Options

You have the choice of adding different features and options such as choosing colors, decking, railings, architectural lighting and accents, signage, roof enclosures and more.

Truss/Panel Bridge Construction

Our truss/panel bridges are capable of heavy load and equipment bearing up to a total of 2 lanes wide. These bridges can be installed in as little as 1-3 days with minimal machinery and tools, making truss bridges easy to assemble in an emergency situation. No welding or cutting is required. These bridges are constructed with steel to prevent corrosion and rust, making them perfect for marine and wet climate environments.

  • Perfect for large crossing including overpasses, rivers or any large body of water
  • Can be constructed up to 260 ft spans
  • Temporary heavy equipment bridges are capable of handling loads of 550+ tons in gross weight
  • Constructed of galvanized to allow for easy maintenance and prevent corrosion

Common Types Of Truss Bridges

There are many different types of truss bridges, including Warren truss, Parker Truss, Pratt truss, Howe truss, K truss and more.

Bridge Construction Estimate In The Phoenix Valley

If you would like to receive a bridge construction estimate anywhere in the Phoenix Valley give Free Span Group a call today at (415) 999-6268.

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If you are searching for "Temporary Bridge Construction" in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Free Span Bridge Company can help!